You can view this video or follow the below steps 

  1. After completing the purchase of the Tagalys extension from, goto “My Account” and click on “My Access Keys” 
  2. Find the respective Tagalys extension from your list and copy the Access key
  3. Login to the Magento admin section of your respective store and find the Magento Connect Manager
  4. Paste the extension key into the Connect Manager and INSTALL
  5. Proceed to Installation
  6. Refresh page and Return back to admin
  7. Return to Admin
  8. Goto Tagalys à Configuration
  9. Signup for Tagalys Account to get API keys
  10. Enter your details and get started
  11. Copy API keys
  12. Paste API keys and Save Credentials
  13. Choose stores to Sync and Start Prouduct Sync. Note: This will NOT work on a local setup or in Cron is not enabled. Details to enable Cron can be found at
  14. Completed. The respective Tagalys extension will be auto enabled as soon as your catalog is synced and Tagalys indexes have been updated. This could vary between 5 minutes to few hours depending on your Cron frequency and catalog size. An email will be sent upon completion.