How do I use Refine Search Results?

Use this feature in order to control the products displayed for a particular search query

Merchants can control what is displayed on the search results for a particular search query by using the 'Refine Search Results' feature on Tagalys. The feature provides you with the ability to hide products for search queries based on the product catalog data included in the search index. The words are analyzed from the attributes and fields that are marked for Search in the Search Index. This can be modified using Search Accuracy

 To use the Refine Search Result feature, follow the steps below. 

  • Click on the 'Search Analysis' tab. 


  • Select the 'Refine Search Results' option. 


  • Enter the search query for which you want to hide certain products by clicking on the '+Refine Search' icon. 
  • Enter the search query followed by the words that are part of the products that you want to hide. You can one or more words that need to be hidden from the search results. Click on the 'Save' icon. 

Refine search

Search results for 'Shirt' before adding the word 'Shirt Dress' to 'Refine Search Results'.

Refine search results

Search results for 'Shirt' after adding the word 'Shirt dress' to 'Refine Search Results'.

Refine search results - 1