How to re-use an expired T-Score Boost?

In case any of your T-Score Boost has expired you can use one of the following methods to re-use it.

  1. Editing an expired T-Score Boost.

  2. Deleting the expired T-Score Boost to create a new one.

Editing an expired T-Score Boost: 

  1.  Go to settings on the left-hand side of the dashboard  and click on T-Score Boost

  2. Click on the edit icon located on the right-hand side of the expired boost

  3. Rename the T-Score Boost if required

  4. Pick the conditions according to your requirement
  5. Select step-3 and set the T-Score Boost value according to your requirement
  6. Select the new date range for your expired T-Score Boost and click on save
  7. A new T-Score Boost is activated


Deleting An expired T-Score Boost to create a new one 

To delete an expired T-Score Boost, click on the three dots to the right-hand side of the edit icon.