What is Merchandising - Intelligent product listing pages?

Smart product listing pages allow retailers to create a product listing page that can be used onsite (within the website) to power listing pages behind onsite banners, collections, etc., at the online store. They are also popularly used to promote collections on social media & SEM campaigns. 

There are two primary advantages/benefits

  • Speed/Productivity: You can make a listing page in less than 60 seconds, saving you time to focus on thinking about the strategy vs. the manual effort of creating a page. This allows you to create many micro-campaigns, allowing you the test the waters before you invest a larger $ value to promote 1 campaign
  • Revenue/ROI: 
    • Using the trending logic to sort products, you can leave it to Tagalys to auto sort products based on historical engagement data. This increase the probability of engagement
    • As you now have the ability to create many micro-campaigns, your marketing ROI is likely to increase as you will be investing $ in one of the many micro-campaigns with the best engagement.

A brief video to help you better understand the ease of the solution