When do I treat search terms as 'Phrases'?

The search queries can be treated as phrases only when the query has more than one word in it and those individual words in the query have a different meaning when searched individually. 

Example: 'Earring', 'Ear ring' - In this case, the second query ‘Ear ring’ contains two words in it namely, ‘Ear’ and ‘ring’ and they don’t share the same meaning. 

Treating Search terms as Phrases

Marking these two queries as ‘Phrases’ means the query - 'Ear ring' is analyzed only when the two words are available together in the search index. This will eliminate 'ring' showing up in the search results when searched for 'earrings' or 'ear rings'.

Note: kindly do not include the singular, plurals, words of different tense, as they are already managed in our language analysis algorithm