Why should I use Local Boosting vs. Manual Pinning?

'Local boost' is a solution that allows merchants to automatically promote or demote products within a particular 'Category,' 'Collection' or 'Search Result'.

'Local Boosting' gives merchants the ability to change the 'Trending Score' of the product only in the context of a 'Category,' 'Collection' or 'Search Result'. 

For instance, if you are merchandising a particular Category or Collection for Valentine's day sale, you may want to give more visibility to products that are 'Red' in color so that they resonate more with the visitor's current shopping intent. 

While this can be achieved with manual pinning, the first disadvantage is that only the selected red pinned products remain in the same position unless and until the products are re-ordered manually or run out of stock. The second disadvantage is that any new red products that are launched after the manual pinning, will not show unless the merchant manually pins them again. This leads to lower efficiency and room for error. 


If this was done using a 'Local boost,' you can select all the products that are 'Red' that are relevant for Valentine's Day sale and add a positive boost score. The same local boost can also be scheduled for a particular time period. With a Local boost, any red product (current/ scheduled/  future) is given more visibility in the selected Product Listing Page. Once the scheduled duration is over, the products are sorted based on the Trending Sort Order, with the Local boost coming to zero. 


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