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How do I install Tagalys on Magento 1.x?

  1. Sign in to the Tagalys account. (Please contact support@tagalys.com if you have not received the login details to your Tagalys account)
  2. Once signed in, you will be taken to the Tagalys dashboard. Please download the package.
  3. Considerations for Tagalys Category Merchandising (Parent Category Assignment): Tagalys requires products to be assigned to all parent categories of the subcategories they are assigned to. This is necessary to position products precisely in parent categories in Magento.

    For example, if a product is assigned to "Men > Tops > Hoodies & Sweatshirts", it should also be assigned to the parent categories "Men" and "Men > Tops":

    image-1Tagalys will automatically make any missing parent category assignments when products are synced. Please make sure this doesn't cause any issues for your configuration (like pricing rules based on category IDs) before proceeding with the Tagalys installation.

  4. Log in to your Magento admin account and navigate to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager -> Package Extensions
  5. On the Extensions tab, under the option 'Direct package file upload', choose the downloaded Magento 1.x extension.

  6. Log in to your Tagalys account and copy the API Credentials.

  7. Log in into your Magento admin and navigate to Tagalys -> Support and Troubleshooting -> Paste and save the Tagalys API credentials

  8. Please scroll down and select the stores for which you would want to enable Tagalys.

  9. Set up Cron as described in Sync Settings > "Cron Setup" to allow Tagalys to keep products and categories in sync. (To be performed by the development team)
  10. Once the Cron is successfully set, the product sync will be completed.
  11. Once the product sync is completed, please schedule time with the Tagalys engineering team to complete the integration process. 

Please email us if you encounter any issues during the installation.