What are active, draft, and unavailable products in Shopify?

  • Product Status: Product status determines if a product is available for your visitors to access/view in your eCommerce store. You can set this status based on your business requirements to either Active/Draft/Unavailable.
  • Active Products: ACTIVE is a status assigned to products that need visibility to visitors.

  • Draft Products: DRAFT is a status assigned to products that are not yet available for front-end visitors. The product status on newly created products is set to ‘Draft’ by default.

DRAFT products 2

  • Unavailable Products: UNAVAILABLE is a status applicable when the active product is not assigned to any sales channel. 


Note: On Tagalys proposals we only consider the count of the parent products synced. I.e. A product with one or more variants will be considered a single product.

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