How can I use And/Or conditions for merchandising?

The option to use And/Or condition is available in the following features in the Tagalys dashboard.

  • In the 'Find products' section while creating a Collection | Category
  • To refine a sequence within a Collection | Category
  • To create a Global sort option
  • To create a Global or Local boost
  • Merchandised Searches.

Here are the steps on how you could use And/Or conditions while merchandising

  • When a condition is being added while merchandising you can choose between 'And' or 'Or' to include or exclude products.
    And or - 2
  • To convert a condition into a grouped condition, click on the ellipsis and then click on 'Convert into a group'.
    And or - 3
  • To add a condition within a grouped condition click on '+ Condition'.
    And or - 4
  • Search for the condition that needs to be added.
    And or - 5
  • Choose between an 'And' / 'Or' functionality within the grouped condition.
    And or - 6