What does 'Collecting Data' on the View All Categories | Collections page mean?

On the Tagalys dashboard, you may have noticed on the 'View all' page that for some Collections | Categories, the text 'Collecting data' is displayed instead of numbers.

There are 2 forms of data displayed on the 'View all' page.

  1.  Data based on the last 7 days (Example: Unique Visitors, CTR, etc.)
  2. Percentage change in data when compared to the previous 7 days (Example: % change)

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In order for the data to start displaying, the following conditions must be satisfied.

  • There must be data available for the recent 7 days for that Collection | Category.
  • There must be data available for at least 1 day from the previous period.

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Note: If there have been any changes/edits made to a Collection | Category in the last
8-14 days, then the text 'Collecting data' would be displayed. Since it takes a minimum of 8 days for the data to start rolling in after a Collection | Category is edited.