What is 'Product Visibility' on the Collections | Categories settings?

Control the visibility of products across all your Collections | Categories by setting up conditions

Please ensure these conditions are also configured in your eCommerce platform or third-party apps that render the Collections | Categories pages on your storefront.

For instance, if users would prefer to not display products that have a certain tag (AW24). The condition can be set up in the following manner 'Tags>Match all except: AW24'. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to set up conditions to display only in-stock products:
  • Click on 'Settings' under 'Collections' or 'Categories' from the Navigate panel.

  • Click on the edit button next to 'Product Visibility'

  • Set up the required conditions to control the visibility of products based on your requirements, in this case, in-stock products.

  • Click on 'Save' at the top right once the conditions have been added.