How do I demote products using conditions?

How can merchandisers demote products in a Collection | Category | Smart widget | GSO using conditions?

For example, to demote products on sale, follow the steps listed below.

  • Edit the collection/category and navigate to the 'Sort Products' tab. (GSO or Field or Sequence)
  •  Click on the 'Demote products' button highlighted below.  


  • Add the conditions to find the products on 'SALE'. In the screenshot below, 'Discount Percentage greater than or equal to 1' is used. 

Create Collection - Tagalys (2)

  • Once the conditions are added, click on 'Demote'.


Similarly, any other conditions (Product type, color, inventory, size, stock status, Price) can also be used to demote products. 

Additional notes: 

  • Products that are demoted are sorted among them based on the primary sort order set.
  • Demoting products using conditions can also be set in Smart widgets and at the GSO level. 

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