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How are Smart Product Listing pages different from the product listing pages on Magento?

Two main reasons amongst many

  • Reduce manual effort: Save almost 70% of the time to create listing pages. In Magento, products are tied to categories or sub-categories. Creating new category/subcategories names is easy but, adding products to them is a manual process or has to be done via a CSV import/data flow. There is no visual tool that allows a Merchandiser to create pages & tweak them in real-time.
  • Smart pages: While you can sort a category & subcategory using popular/best sellers, it does not consider your inputs on defining the importance of attributes. When products are sorted based on “Trending” in Tagalys, we allow retailers to tweak our algorithm to define your business importance of attributes, to help us better understand engagement analytics. Hence our pages are sorted to best suit your business needs.