How to merchandise by using the 'Size Count' condition?

Availability of size is critical, especially for the fashion industry. Once a visitor clicks on the product inside a Category | Collection and visits the product detail page, they bounce off the page if there are limited size options available.  

This condition allows merchants to merchandise a Category | Collection to include, exclude, promote or demote products with a specific number of sizes available.

The 'Size Count' option will be available for merchandising category|collection, recommendations, and search results. 

For example, while creating a sequence within a Category | Collection, you can now refine the sequence by 'Size Count'.

  • Click on the 'Edit' sequence button.
    Edit seq
  • Under the 'Refine Sequence' section, select the 'Size Count' condition to refine the sequence. 
    Size count
  • You will be able to include or exclude products within the sequence based on the different conditions available.
    Refine Sequence
  • In this example, we are including products that have 3 or more sizes available.
    Size count - 1 

'Size Count' can also be used in the global or local boosts, which will allow a merchant to promote or demote products that match any condition set on the count of an attribute at a store level or at the collection|category level.

For example, if you want to promote products with 5 or more sizes you can follow the steps below: 

  • In the “sort products” section of the merchandise category|collection page, click on the “Add boost” option.
    Size count boost 1
  • Click on 'Local Boost'
    Size count boost 2
  • Select the condition “size count”.
    Size count boost 3
  • Select the “greater than or equal to” option and set the limit as 5.
    Size count boost 4
  • Proceed to set the desired boost score and click on “Save”. 

Size count boost 5

  • The boost can be activated or deactivated with the help of the toggle.
    Size count boost 6

Currently, only “Size Count” is available for merchandising. If you would require any other attribute like "Colour Count" to be made available please contact support.