How can I create a Smart Collection | Category or Widget with specific SKUs or Product IDs?

The below example is based on a Shopify store.
  • Click on the 'Create Smart Collections' icon under 'Collections' on the left panel of the Tagalys dashboard.
  • Name the collection and in the 'Find Products' section, select the conditions Product ID or SKU.
  • Enter the product ID's (maximum of 1000) or click on 'choose products' to select a set of products. 
    Create-Collection-Tagalys (1)
  • Select one or many products and click on 'Select Products' and then click on done.
    Create-new-Smart-Widget-Tagalys (4)
  • The selected products are now added to the find products sections. Sort products as per your requirements and then click on 'Save and Publish' for the collection to be activated. 
    Create-Collection-Tagalys (2)
  • To create a 'Smart Widget', click on 'Smart Widget' under 'Recommendations' and click on 'New' and the follow the same steps above.