How can I replace an existing Shopify Collection with a Tagalys Smart Collection?

You will now be able to replace a collection on Shopify with a Tagalys smart collection without affecting search engine optimization.

Here is an example of how you could replace a collection created on Shopify with a Tagalys smart collection without affecting SEO. Here are the steps to be followed.

  • In this example, we would be replacing the "Fall Dresses" collection created on Shopify.
    Shopify collection - 1

  • Here is the front-end page of the collection "Fall Dresses"
  • This collection can be replicated on the Tagalys dashboard. Create a new Smart collection on the dashboard.

    Shopify - 3
  • However, the URL needs to be updated as "/fall-dresses1" temporarily since the URL "/fall-dresses" already exists.

    Shopify - 5

  • Save and Publish the collection.
    Shopify - 6

  • Update the URL of the Shopify Collection to "/fall-dresses2" and click save. A URL redirect for "fall-dresses" to "fall-dresses2" will be created automatically.
    Shopify - 7
  • Now, update the URL of the Tagalys Smart Collection to "fall-dresses".
    Shopify - 8
  • The "Fall dresses" collection will now be redirected to the Tagalys smart collection page instead of the Shopify created collection page.