How can I restore historical versions of Collections | Categories | Smart widgets?

Restore old merchandising versions of Collections | Categories | Smart widgets in a few simple steps

Merchandisers can edit and restore historical versions of their Collection | Categories
by following the steps given below:

  • In the merchandising edit page of a Collection | Category, click on 'Versions'. 
  • Under the 'History' tab, select the version that you would like to restore and click on 'Continue' from the pop-up dialogue box. 

    Note: Only versions recorded after February 1st, 2023 can be restored. Only up to 30 historical versions are recorded.
  • Click on 'Edit & Restore' to restore the historical version. 
  • You can make further edits to this version if required and then click 'Save' to save the changes. 

    Please note that the same steps mentioned above can be followed to restore historical versions of Tagalys Smart Widgets as well.