How can I use 'Pinned Products' in Merchandised Search?

This feature allows you to manually 'pin' products in a static position for a partial or exact match of Search Query.

To pin products for a particular merchandise search, follow the steps below,

  • Under 'Sort Search Results' tab click on '+Pinned Products' to add products.
    Pin products - 1
  • Select the products that need to be pinned at a static position and click on 'Pin at Position'
    Pin products - 2
  • Select the position at which these products need to be displayed.
    Pin products - 3
  • Products can be also be pinned using SKUs if you have the list of SKUs available.
    Pin products - 4
  • Once the products are pinned to the desired positions, schedule them for the required time period and click on 'Done'
    Pin products - 5
  • The 'Pinned Products' section highlighted in the image below can be clicked to make any further changes.
    Pin products - 6

  • The pinned products would remain in a static position in the Search Results for the query "dress", for the scheduled time period. 

Pin products - 7