How can you use 'Search Boost' in Merchandised Search?

'Search Boost': Using this feature, you can choose to dynamically promote or demote products based on conditions tied to the product catalog or analytics, by applying a positive or a negative boost value

To add a 'Search Boost' follow the steps below.

  • Click on '+Search Boost' under 'Sort Search Results' tab. Boost - 1
  • Click on 'Find Products' and use the conditions listed in the highlighted section below to restrict products.
    Boost - 2
  • Click on 'Apply Boost' and select the value for 'Search Boost' and schedule by selecting the time period.
    Boost - 3
  • The status of the 'Search Boost' can be viewed from the highlighted section. The 'Search Boost' can also be turned 'on' or 'off' using the toggle, cloned to create another boost, edited or deleted.
    Boost Search result
  • Once the boost is applied, the search results would reorder products based on the value of the boost & the conditions applied.
    Boost Search result - 1