How do I connect third-party accounts to the dashboard?

You can now log in to the dashboard using third-party accounts like Google, LinkedIn, or Microsoft.

Third-party accounts like Google, LinkedIn, or Microsoft can now be connected to the Tagalys dashboard.

Sign in with Google

  • Click on 'Sign in with Google'.
    Dashboard login 2

  • Choose an account that needs to be connected with the dashboard and complete sign-in.
    Dashboard login 3
    Sign in with Microsoft
  • Click on 'Sign in with Microsoft'
    Dashboard login 4-1
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account.
    Dashboard login 5

Sign in with LinkedIn
  • Click on 'Sign in with LinkedIn'.
    Dashboard login 6
  • Once you log in using your LinkedIn credentials, you will be redirected to the Tagalys dashboard.
Dashboard login 7
  • The connected accounts can be added or removed from email settings.
Connected accounts