How do I create a product sequence using shortcuts?

Sequencing gives merchants exhaustive product merchandising capabilities programmatically to sort Categories, Collections, Site Search, and even Product Recommendations using catalog attributes such as 'Product Type,' 'Color,' etc, and analytics fields like Product Views, Add to carts, buys, etc., Product positions are updated daily based on these sorting conditions enabled by merchants. 

  • In the 'Merchandise Category' section of the Tagalys Dashboard, head to the 'Sequence' icon. 
  • In the 'Add a sequence using tag shortcuts' tab, select the attributes you wish to use. 

  • To showcase product diversity using the color, choose the appropriate attribute from the list e.g., 'Color'
  • Now, select the tags within the selected attribute. For e.g., 'Red, Blue, White.'
  • The order of the selected tags can be changed by simply dragging and dropping.

  • You can choose the frequency each color gets repeated by using the ‘Switch Sequence every’ option.

  • You can choose the 'Sort order' of the sequence using the ‘Sort products by’ option. For e.g., 'Trending, Date, Buys, Product Views, etc.'
  • Click on the 'Save' icon. 

To read further on a use case wherein you can Sequence using 'Product Type' as an attribute, click here