How long does it take for 'Synonyms' and 'Search Analysis' to influence the search results after save?

'Synonyms' and other features of search analysis like 'Singularisation' and 'Ignore Words' become active in the Tagalys dashboard after the re-index is completed. 


The re-index takes 5 minutes and runs at a speed of 400 Products per minute and thus, based on the number of products the search analysis features affect, the update takes place. The time taken to update varies based on the Product Catalog size. 

For example:

  • Let's add a new synonym called 'Pant' and 'Trouser'. 
    Search analysis update

  • In case the Synonym affects around 4000 products, the time taken to update will be: 5 Minutes for the re-index + 4000/400 minutes. That is equal to 5 minutes plus 10 minutes, i.e. 15 minutes in total for the Synonym to update.