How to create, save, edit, and publish draft versions?

To create, save, edit, and publish a version draft, follow the steps mentioned below.

To create, and save a merchandising version draft:

  • Once you complete merchandising a Collection | Category, you can either save the changes directly to the current version or save them as a 'Draft'. Once the required changes have been made, click on the drop-down button next to 'Save' and click on 'Save as draft'.
  • To find your drafts, click on the 'Versions' button.
  • At the top, you can find the current version highlighted, below which you can find your draft versions. There is also a 'History' section, where you can find all the changes/edits made to a Collection | Category. When the change was made and by whom it was made can also be viewed. You can name the draft and add relevant notes as well.  
  • Once a version has been saved as a draft, the page will automatically revert back to the current version. 

To edit an existing version draft: 

  • To edit a version draft, click on the 'Versions' button and select the draft that you want to edit, click on 'Continue' from the pop-up message.
  • Once the desired changes have been made, you can either choose to publish the draft version by clicking on 'Publish draft' from the drop-down or click on 'Update draft' to just update the changes made as a draft. 

    Note: In the case of a multi-store setup in Shopify, while setting a draft version live, you can replicate the merchandising to your other stores as well by clicking on the 'Publish draft and Replicate' option. 
To delete/remove a version draft:
  • To delete a version draft, click on the 'Versions' icon, and under 'Drafts', click on the 'Delete' icon next to the draft you would like to delete.