How can I pre-merchandise a collection | category with products that are not yet assigned to it?

Merchants prefer to pre merchandise a collection | category to visualize how the collection | category would appear before the product is added/published to the collection |category.

You now have the option to pin products from across the product catalog to pre-merchandise a Collection | Category.

Here are is how you can pin products from the product catalog.

  • On the collection | category merchandising page click on the 'Curate' Icon to pin products to a static position.Merchandise-Collection-Tagalys (40)
  • Search for the product which you want to add from the catalog and then click on the dropdown 'Across Catalog'.Merchandise-Collection-Tagalys (55)
  • Select the product(s) which you would like to pin, Insert the target position number and click on 'Pin at Position' and then click on 'Done'. Merchandise-Collection-Tagalys (56)
  •  Once the product is added/published to the collection | category, the product would be pinned at the desired target position.  Merchandise-Collection-Tagalys (57)