How to sync attributes to Tagalys in Magento 1?

Here are the steps for syncing attributes to Tagalys in Magento 1.

  • On your Magento admin, Navigate to Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage Attributes.

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  • Open the attribute you would want to sync to Tagalys by clicking on it.

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  • At least one of the following three options should be marked 'Yes', for the attributes to be synced with Tagalys:
  1. "Use in quick search".

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2. For "Use in Layered Navigation", set the value of "Use In Layered Navigation" as "Filterable (with results)"  and "Use In Search Results Layered Navigation" as "Yes". 

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Note: Not all product details will be included in the settings in Magento under the 'Apply To' drop-down. To add more, please contact Tagalys Support.


3. "Used in product listing". 

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Note: The configuration change will be updated within 24 hours of the full sync. If you wish to sync the changes right away, you will have to trigger a manual full sync from Magento to Tagalys. We recommend that you do the manual sync during low-traffic hours.