How to verify if merchandising updates have been transferred to Shopify?

  • Login to your Shopify admin section and click on 'Products'.
  • Click on 'Collections':
  • Click on the collection which you want to verify.Test-Customer-Support-·-Collections-·-Shopify (1)
  • Scroll down to the products section to see the list of prodcuts:
  • Compare the product postions to the same collection's edit screen in the Tagalys dashboard:
    Merchandise-Collection-Tagalys (66)
  • If the product positons are matching here then Tagalys has sucessfully transferred merchandising updates to Shopify. If positons are not matching please contact
  • Please Note: If the postions are matching with the Shopify admin section but not in the store front please check your theme/app provider which renders the collection page in the front end.