How to manage filters from the Tagalys dashboard?

Users can create, modify, and manage filters from the Tagalys dashboard for search and collection pages rendered by Tagalys. Please refer to the steps mentioned below to achieve the same.
Note: Filters on collection pages can only be managed from the Tagalys dashboard if Tagalys APIs are used to render collection pages.

To create a new 'filter':
Step 1: Navigate to the 'Filters' section on the dashboard and click on the '+New' at the top right.

Step 2: Enter the name of the filter and select the relevant field from the drop-down list. The position of the filter can also be added and edited at a later stage as well.

Step 3: Once the filter name and field have been set. Users have the option to configure how the filter options will be sorted using the options seen in the screenshot.

Step 4: Once all the required configurations have been made, click on 'Create' at the top right.

Once a filter has been added, users can edit any of the options based on their preferences by clicking on the edit icon next to the relevant filter.