My CRON is setup, but I do not see updates in products being synced with Tagalys. Is my Magento Cron working as expected?

This could be because of an issue with the Magento Cron, to trigger the "updates" hook. Updates to the product table are synched with Tagalys automatically if the updates hook in Magento is triggered. We have seen this happen at a few clients either due to their Magento setup or sometimes due to server setup. To assist with this, you can use the Tagalys cron, that sends these updates. 

In order to ensure updates are sent to Tagalys without using the Magento cron, 

  • Please save this file in Magento’s root directory. 
  • Setup a separate Cron like: /5    * php -f /path/to/magento/root/tagalys-processes.php. 
  • Make sure that the cron user has "write" access to the media folder. 

You can let us know if this change is being made and our team will check the logs to make sure it is working correctly.