Why should I use 'Product Title/Name' as a condition for merchandising?

When products do not have well-defined attributes, or if merchandisers would like to select specific products based on the name of the product, this functionality can be used.


Here is a list of operators that can be used in the 'Product Title/Name' condition:
  • Equal to: Includes products that exactly match the words mentioned.
  • Not equal to: Includes products that do not match the words mentioned. 
  • Contains: Includes products that have words mentioned as part of the title.
  • Does not contain: Includes products that do not have the particular words in the phrase.
  • Starts with: Includes products with title that begins with the words mentioned.
  • Ends with: Includes products with the title that ends with the words mentioned.

Note: ‘Search Term' and 'Product Title/Name’ are ‘String’ fields in nature. Due to performance limitations, they can be used as conditions a maximum of 3 times in the ‘Find Products’ section and only once while refining sequences.