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How do I sync inventory based on location to Tagalys?

To sync inventory by a specific location to Tagalys, authorization needs to be provided to Tagalys via your Shopify admin.

To authorize, please follow the steps below:

  • Login to the Shopify admin and click on settings.Test-Customer-Support-·-Home-·-Shopify (2)
  • Click on Locations: Test-Customer-Support-·-Locations-·-Shopify (1)
  • Ensure you have checked 'Fulfill online orders from this location' only to the specific location where the online selling happens.Test-Customer-Support-·-Locations-·-2035-Sunset-Lake-Road-·-Shopify
  • To grant the inventory permission, open the link provided by the Tagalys support team and click on update app.update app
  • Once the update is completed, please share the confirmation with the Tagalys Support team. (support@tagalys.com)
  • Tagalys team will then resync the catalog and will notify you once completed.