What are the different levels of access/permissions and how to configure them?

Each user's access level can be configured on the Tagalys dashboard

The store admin or the users with 'User Management' access can configure the access level for each individual user in their store. 

Note: The store admin's access/permission cannot be edited by any other user.

The level of access/permissions can be of the following 3 types:

  • View-only access 
  • Merchandising edit access
  • Reporting access

  • View-only access:
    Any user, by default, will have 'view-only' access across the dashboard. 
    This includes access to product performance metrics in the merchandising preview.
  • Merchandising edit access: 
    To provide access/permission to edit the merchandising on the dashboard, click on the toggle button under 'Products' for the products applicable as per your plan and click on 'Save'

     Note: Some products may not be powered by Tagalys, please contact our
    support team if you would like to include them in your plan.
  • To provide access to create/edit global boosts/GSOs and configure front-end filters, click on the required toggles under 'Global Settings'.

    Note: The 'Manage Front-end Filters' option is only applicable for stores whose Collections | Categories front-end is directly rendered by Tagalys or if Tagalys search is enabled.
  • Reporting access: 
    To provide access/permission to view/download reports and create performance alerts, click on the toggle under 'Reports' and click on 'Save'.