What are 'One-Way' Synonyms in search?

If a visitor expects to see the same search results when searching for A or B, but a limited set of products when searching for B, then A & B should be treated as a 1-way synonym

'One-Way' Synonym denotes that the word 'A' is synonymous with the word 'B'. However, the word 'B' is not synonymous with the word 'A'.

Use Case: In a fashion store when a visitor is searching for "Top", the merchandiser would also like to showcase "Sweater". However, not display "Top" when someone searches for "Sweater". 

In this example, the word "Top" is marked as a 'One-Way' Synonym to the word "Sweater". The Search Query containing the word "Top" would show products containing the words "Top" and "Sweater". But, for a Search Query that contains the word "Sweater", the products with the word "Top" will not be displayed.


Follow the steps below to add a 'One-way' synonym.

  •  Click on '+Synonym Set' in the 'Synonyms' section.
    One way synonym -1

  • Add "Top" and "Sweater" under 'Search Query' and click on 'Save'. A query for "Top" will show products containing "Top" or "Sweater". But a query for "Sweater" will not show products containing only "Top".
    One way new - 2

  • The 'Synonym Set' will be updated after the reindex is completed.
    One way synonyms - 3

Once the 'One-way' synonym is added for "Top" and "Sweater", the search results for the search query "Top" also includes products that are "Sweater"

Use case - one way

However, the search results for "Sweater" do not display "Top".

Use case - one way - 1