What are category | collection alerts?

Alerts allow merchants to proactively identify percentage changes of metrics of a collection | category to take corrective action, including merchandising.

As of June 2022, the following alerts are available

  1. 7-day CTR% change
  2. 7-day Unique Visitors % change
  3. Product Count

More metrics will be added in phases as we get customer feedback.

To create a CTR% change alert, please follow the below steps:

  • On the Tagalys dashboard, click on 'Performance Alerts' under collections.
    Tagalys (4)
  • Click on 'Alerts'.Performance-Alerts-Tagalys
  • Enter a unique name for the alert, choose either 'Greater than or equal to' or 'Lesser than or equal to', and update the percentage change value. Click on 'Save'. 
  • In the example below, the alert is being set if the CTR for the last 7 days drops by over 10% compared to the previous 7 days.  Performance Alerts - Tagalys (1)
  • Once the performance alert is set, click on 'Assign' to select the collection(s) for which the alerts need to be triggered.Performance-Alerts-Tagalys (4)
  • The alert can be applied to all collections or individually y choosing the check box on the collections, before assigning. Performance-Alerts-Tagalys (5)
  • The alert is now been set on the selected collections, whenever there is a drop of 10% in the CTR% for those collections, an alert will be sent via email to all the users who have access to save collections and view reports.Performance-Alerts-Tagalys (6)