What is a 'Search Redirect'?

In some use cases, a merchant would want to direct a particular Search Query to an existing URL instead of displaying the Search Results. In such cases, the Search Redirect option should be used.

In Search Redirect, the query can be further customized to 'Partially match' or 'Exactly Match', 'Consider synonyms', and also add 'Priority' to the search query.

To add a 'Search Redirect' please follow the below steps.

  • Login to your Tagalys dashboard and click on 'Search Redirects'.
  • Click on '+ New'.
  • Enter the search query. A search query can be either 'Partially Matches' or 'Exactly Matches'.  
  • You can set the 'Priority'.
  • Insert the URL for which you want the search query to be redirected.
  • Click on Save and the 'Search Re-direct' will be added.