What are 'Text Suggestions' in Search Suggestions?

'Text suggestions' help visitors who enter the 'Search' funnel by providing written text suggestions that can help them explore a pre-filtered list of products as part of search results. 

Visitors on search, particularly on mobile, are prone to higher chances of spelling errors. Autocomplete helps by automatically completing the potential search query, giving them options to drill down to the prefiltered search results. 

'Text Suggestions' are displayed based on a prefix match of the 'Search' query with the 'Tags', 'Fields', and 'Attributes' that are configured for search on the Tagalys dashboard. 

This also helps in reducing friction or touchpoints in the site search experience.

Here is an example of how 'Text Suggestions' appear in the online store.

Text sug

Tagalys determines the top 10 text suggestions along with the top 6 product suggestions. If you want to change this and show fewer text suggestions and more product suggestions, please contact us.