What are the technical considerations to power Magento Category pages using Tagalys?

  • Tagalys operates by updating Magento product positions for the selected categories. Your current values will be overwritten.
  • The default direction of the Position field for Category pages sorting will be set to ascending. If you have customized the Product sorting in Category Pages to follow the descending sort order of the position field, you can set it to descending. 
  • Re-indexing and cache clearing will be done by default after Category product positions are updated. You can choose not to re-index and clear the cache if required, based on your platform configuration. 
  • To change the Technical Considerations, follow the steps given below: 
    1. Go to System - Tagalys -> Configuration

      Tagalys Configuration in Magento Admin Panel
    2. Click on Listing Pages and scroll down to view the Technical Considerations and edit them. 

      Listing Pages Configuration in Magento Admin Panel