What is ‘Search Results Analyzer’ and how can it be used?

Search Results Analyzer enables you to understand why certain product(s) are included or excluded in the search results for specific search queries.

Here is an example below to use ‘Search Results Analyzer’.

When a user searches for ‘red skirts’, products matching the search query from the search index are displayed. The Search index is a group of fields like Product Name, and Attributes (Color, Design, Material, etc) that are made searchable. In addition to searchable fields, there could be Synonyms, Merchandised Searches, Refine Searches, etc. that influence a product's inclusion or exclusion from the search results.

Step 1: On the Tagalys dashboard, go to the ‘Search’ menu and click on the ‘Search Demo’. 

Step 2: In the search input box, type your query of interest (in this case ‘red skirts’) and hit enter to see the search results.

Step 3: To understand why a certain product is included in the search results, you can simply hover over the centre of the product tile and click on the 'Analyze' icon.

Step 4: You can see that the words in the search query are present in the ‘Searchable’ attributes and therefore that particular product is included in the search results.


Similarly, you could also analyze why a specific product is not included in the Search Results. 

Step 1: Click on the 'Analyze' button in the Search Demo


Step 2: Input the search query and the product ID and click on 'Analyze'

You will now be able to review Searchable, Non Searchable fields and any other applicable conditions like Merchandised Searches, Refine Searches etc, that resulted in the exclusion of the product ID from the Search Results.