What is 'Singularisation'? How to use it effectively?

'Singluarisation' feature helps the Tagalys search engine in identifying words in a search query where the 'Singular' form is not a subset of its 'Plural' form.

Tagalys search uses details available from the product information when a search query is analyzed. During the search analysis, the system converts words that are in the plural form to the singular form and displays products that match the search query.

For e.g., A query for 'Shirts' is converted to the singular form 'Shirt' by removing the last character 's', and products that have a prefix match to this query are displayed.

In some cases, the singular form is not a subset of the plural form. These words can be added in the 'Singularisation' section in 'Search Analysis' such that the system identifies the search queries with words containing the plural form. Common use cases are words where plurals do not end in 's' e.g., knives and knife; man and men, child and children


Use case: When the Product Catalog for a store has products with the word "Clothes", the singular for "Cloth" is not a subset of the plural form, and when the system analyses it would be detected as "Clothe". Both these words should be added to 'Singularisation' to avoid displaying inaccurate results.

Follow the steps below to add a set of words for 'Singularisation'

  • Click on '+Singularisation' to create a new set.

  • Add the word "Clothes" under 'Plural version of the word' and "Cloth" under 'Singular version of the word'. Click on 'Save'

  • Once added, the notification '"Singularisation" is currently being processed for this store' will be displayed until it is updated.

'Singluarisation' must be used only when the product information contains words that have the plural form for which the system cannot automatically detect the singular form.