What is Smart Pinning?

'Smart pinning' is a feature that allows a merchant to pin products using conditions. Once products are pinned, conditions can be set up so that the products remain pinned as long as the conditions are met. Performance metrics such as revenue, product views, etc, or product details such as discount %, inventory, etc, can be used as conditions. 

Use case: The pinned products are to be unpinned if the product goes out of stock.

In this scenario, let us assume you want to ensure the products are unpinned if they go out of stock.

  • Select the products from the Collection or Catalog and pin them at the required position.
    Merchandise Collection - Tagalys (6)-1
  • Click on the 'Apply pin condition' section to set conditions for the pinned products. 
    Merchandise Collection - Tagalys (7)-1
  • Select the 'In Stock' condition and enable the toggle to choose products in stock and click 'Done'. 
    Merchandise Collection - Tagalys (18)
  • In this example, the 3rd product is 'Out of stock' and hence it shows the message 'Pin conditions not satisfied'. Click 'Done' to save changes and exit the 'Curate' panel.Merchandise Collection - Tagalys (12)-1
  • Since the product originally pinned in position #3 is out of stock, it is not displayed in the same pinned position.
    Merchandise Collection - Tagalys (13)
  • However, once the product is back in stock and matches the condition, it'll automatically be pinned again during the scheduled time period. 

Note: The Smart Pinning feature is applicable for Magento stores based on their setup and will be updated once a day. 

Please contact your account owner to learn more about how the feature can be utilized effectively or if you have any further queries. 

To pin one or more products at any position in a Collection | Category, please refer to the article linked here