Why should I use 'Partially Matches' in a Merchandised Search?

Tagalys search results are based on the 'AND' function to ensure 100% accuracy, where products displayed in the search results must contain ALL the search query words or synonyms of the words. 

'Partially Match' is used in a Merchandised Search when the merchant wants to display certain products in search results when merchandised search term is also a part of the search query.

For e.g., If the word 'Dress' is set to 'Partially Matches' in a 'Merchandised Search' to show four products in a static position, any query that contains the term 'dress' will showcase these 4 products in their static position.

Partial match - 1

The search results would show products that match the 'Merchandised Search' when the word matches the search query. Partial match - 2

It also displays the same results when part of the search query matches the 'Merchandised Search'

Partial match - 3

'Partially Matches' is used in 'Search Redirects' when the merchant wants to direct the visitor to a URL for any search query that contains the words.

For e.g., the word 'Gift card' is set to 'Partially Matches' to be redirected to the URL https://example.com/giftcard.

Partial match - 4

When the visitors search for the words 'gift' and 'card' in any order, they would be redirected to the URL https://example.com/giftcard.