How can I apply (copy or clone) a Category | Collection sequence sorting to other Categories | Collections | Widgets?

Now clone a sequence from a particular Category | Collection to multiple Categories | Collections by converting it to a Global Sort Option.

To convert a local sequence sorting rule from Category | Collection to a Global Sort Option please follow the below steps.

  • In the 'Merchandise Category | Collection' section, click on the 'Sequence' icon.
     Collection to GSO
  • To apply this sequence to other categories | collections, choose the 'Apply to' button
    Collection to GSO - 1 
  • This will create a GSO and you can rename the GSO by editing it in the Apply section.
    Collection to GSO - 2
  • Select the Categories | Collections | Widgets for which you want the sorting to be applied and click on 'Save'.
  • You can verify if the sorting option is added as a GSO by viewing the GSO page. 


To clone a GSO to category | collection and make minor edits read this article