How can I convert | transfer a Global Sort Option (Sequence) to a Category | Collection as its local sequence?

Now copy an existing Global Sort Option (sequence) to a Category | Collection level to make changes specific to that listing page.

To convert a Global Sort Option to the local sequence of a Category | Collection, please follow the below steps.

  • Within the 'Merchandise Category | Collection' section, click on the 'Global Sort Option' icon. 
    Copy GSO to collection
  • Click on the drop-down and select the GSO which needs to be converted into a local sequence and click on 'Local Sequence'.
    Copy GSO to collection -1
  • Once clicked, the GSO sorting will be applied as a local sequence. If required, you can make the necessary changes to the sequence.
    Copy GSO to collection - 2
  • Click on save and the sort order will be applied to only that particular Category | Collection.

To copy & apply a merchandising sequence from one category | collection,  to multiple categories | collection read this article.