How do I create a GSO Boost?

A GSO Boost is used when you want to influence the T-Score for an individual GSO, influencing all the Categories or Collections that are sorted by the specific GSO only. 

If you want to create a GSO Boost, follow the steps below. 

    • Add one or more sequences with the 'Sort Order' set to 'Trending.' For instance, in this case, the first sequence is set to 'Match All' 'Trousers' in the Collection. 
    • To add the boost, click on the 'Add boost' icon. 


        • If for instance, you want to promote 'Trousers' with full price across the GSO, a 'GSO boost' must be created.  
        • Select the product attribute that you want to promote. For e.g., in this case, select 'Discount Amount' to 'Equal' to' '$0.'  


        • In order to promote the products increase the value of the GSO boost. For e.g., We are giving trousers that are being sold at full price a boost of 300. 
        • As you can see in the image below, the GSO boost is now active and you can toggle to activate or inactivate the boost. 


        To read more on a use case, click here