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What are the different ways to find products to create a new Category on Tagalys?

To create a new Category on Tagalys, you can choose products using multiple ways on the Tagalys Dashboard. 

  1. Click on 'Create New Category' in the Tagalys Dashboard

  2. After entering a name for the new Category, you can choose products based on selected conditions or choose selected products only. 

  3. Choosing products based on Conditions: 

    1. Choosing products using Product Details captured from the platform: Product Details such as 'Introduced At', 'Category', 'Sale Price' etc. can be used to select products. 

    2. Choosing products based on Tagalys Powered Analytics Data: Tagalys Powered Analytics such as 'Search Term', 'Add to Carts', 'Product Views', 'Unique Add to Carts', etc. can be used to select products. 

  4. Manually choosing specific products only: Click on the 'Choose specific products only' and select '+ Add products'. 

    1. Click on the products you want to add to the new Category and click on the 'Pin' button that will be visible when you hover around it. 

      T-Score Boost - 5-png
    2. Once you have selected the products manually, click on 'Done'. 

      T-Score Boost - 6-png
  5. After choosing products to add to your new Category, follow the other steps (Hyperlink to be added) to complete Category creation.