How do products sync from Magento to Tagalys?

When a product is added to the Catalog or if a change is made to the product information table from the Magento admin section, Magento triggers appropriate callback events. Tagalys listens to these events and the dashboard is updated via CRON.

When the update to the Product Catalog or a change to the product information table is made using a third-party tool, they may not trigger the appropriate events and instead update the product table in Magento. 

If the 3rd party tool updates the 'updated_at' column of the 'catalog_product_entity' table, Tagalys can be configured to listen to these changes in the Support & Troubleshooting tab in the 'Detecting product updates' section.

If the tool does not update the table, there are two options:

  1. Manually trigger full sync. The manual full sync can be triggered in two ways From the Tagalys dashboard
    From the Magento platform
  2. Automate sync. Please contact us to automate sync.