How do I 'Pin' multiple SKUs while merchandising in the 'Curate' panel?

There are two parts to understanding how you can pin multiple SKUs while merchandising in the Tagalys 'Curate' panel. 

Part 1: A merchant would use the following feature if they want to select multiple SKUs / products at a time from a Category or Collection, and pin them at a particular position for further merchandising. The feature 'Pin at Position' saves time by allowing multiple SKUs to be selected at a time. The image below shows how you can select multiple SKUs and then pin them at the desired position. 


The image below shows how you can select the position at which you wish to 'pin' the products for further merchandising.  


Part 2: A merchant would use 'Reorder' to reduce the time spent on the otherwise manual 'Drag and Drop' feature where the merchant has to manually 'Drag and Drop' each SKU and place it into the desired position. 'Reorder' can be used to seamlessly re-arrange products depending on the desired position. This saves the merchant time and is less manual. 

The image below shows multiple products being selected to be 'Reordered.' 


The image below shows the next window where you can input the position that you want the products to be shown on the Collection or Category.


The image below shows that the multiple selected products have been successfully 'Reordered' into their specified positions.  

Once the products are pinned in the desired positions, conditions can be set up so that the products remain pinned as long as the conditions are met. 
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