How to create smart widgets in a grid format?

  1. Create a Smart Widget in Tagalys Dashboard.  Click Here to know how to create.
  2. Once the smart widget is created, the default embedded code would be in the carousel format.  To change the code for Grid format, please follow the below steps:
    1. Copy the below embed code (Grid Format) and use it in the website frontend with your developer's support 
      <div id="tagalys-namespace" class="tagalys-namespace"
      data-tagalys-widget-opts-custom-name="TOKEN VALUE"
    2. To extract the 'Token value', click on the 'view' icon on the widget that is created.
      Smart widgets - 4
    3. Copy the "TOKEN VALUE" 
  3. Paste the Token Value in the embed code (Grid Format)
  4. Follow steps 2 & 3 to convert existing carousel format widgets to grid format