How to merchandise Categories or Collections using Performance Segments?

To learn more on what are Performance Segments - read here. To learn how to use performance segments in merchandising, continue reading.

  1. Click on 'View All' under Categories or Collections 

  2. Select the Category | Collection you wish to merchandise and click on the 'Edit' button. 

  3. Under 'Step 2', click on the 'Tagalys Analytics' field. 

  4. Click on 'Performance Segment'. 

  5. From the available metrics - 'High Exposure', 'High Potential', 'Low Exposure', 'Low Potential', choose the performance segment you wish to merchandise the Category | Collection with. 

  6. You can choose the condition 'Match Any', 'Match all', and 'Match all except' to merchandise the Category | Collection with Performance Segments. 

To learn about how to apply these reports to your business, set up a free onboarding session using this link.