How to merchandise Categories or Collections using Performance Segments?

To learn more on what are Performance Segments - read here. To learn how to use performance segments in merchandising, continue reading.

  • Click on 'View All' under Categories or Collections 

  • Select the Category | Collection you wish to merchandise and click on the 'Edit' button. 

  • Under 'Step 2', click on the 'Tagalys Analytics' field. 

  • Click on 'Performance Segment'. 

  • From the available metrics - 'High Exposure', 'High Potential', 'Low Exposure', 'Low Potential', choose the performance segment you wish to merchandise the Category | Collection with. 

  • You can choose the condition 'Match Any', 'Match all', and 'Match all except' to merchandise the Category | Collection with Performance Segments. 

To learn about how to apply these reports to your business, set up a free onboarding session using this link.