How to pin a product by using the 'Drag and Drop' option in the 'Curate Panel'?

This feature enables you to pin a product at any position by using the 'Drag and Drop' functionality in a Collection | Category.

The pinning feature enables you to re-arrange products at any position based on your business requirements.    

To pin a product at a target position using 'Drag and Drop', follow the steps below.

  • On the collection | category merchandising page click on the 'Curate' Icon to pin products to a static position.
  • Hover over at the center of product tile and click on the 'Reorder' icon and drag it to the target position. In the image below, product at position 3 is being dragged and dropped to the target position 7. Merchandise-Collection-Tagalys (23)
  • The product is now pinned to the selected target position 7. Merchandise-Collection-Tagalys (24)
  • When pinning products in between a sequence, you can replace or pushdown the products in the sequence.
  • Once products are pinned, conditions can be set up so that the products remain pinned as long as the conditions are met. 
    Merchandise Collection - Tagalys (7)-1