What is a search performance report?

The Searches report on the dashboard is a summary of user engagement for search queries.

 The Searches report gives you the performance of various visitors' engagement metrics for an individual search query or search term. You can find this report under the 'Reports' section on the left side menu of the dashboard.

The report shows you performance metrics like 'Product views,' 'Add to cart, 'CTR%' 'Revenue', 'Conversion rate', etc. for each search query or search term.

The report can be generated for custom and standard durations of time. A comparison of 2 date ranges can also be done, to evaluate engagement data between two date ranges using the field 'Compare'. Click here to learn more about comparing and generating reports for custom and standard durations of time. 

 The engagement of a visitor on search is tracked once they type the 'Search Query' on the search tab and hit enter to populate the search results page.

Note: Visitor engagement on the search suggestions (Instant search) tab is not tracked currently.

Based on this information, merchants can alter their search setups to be more relevant and accurate by creating merchandised searches, redirects, synonyms, etc.